Recognizing Outstanding Proactive Efforts in Safety

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In 2021, the PHCC of Georgia designed and launched its Safety ROPES Program to help member companies of any size create a vision of safety for their companies by identifying areas internally which can be improved for overall safety protocol.

The Safety ROPES Program begins with a series of questions asked through an online submission process. All submissions are carefully reviewed by our Safety Committee, comprised of a select group of seasoned and experienced safety experts at plumbing, HVAC and mechanical companies throughout Georgia. A Safety Committee member then provides feedback from each submission, ultimately with the goal to recognize outstanding proactive efforts in safety. Overall, the Program is designed to help improve safety protocols and:

  • Create, Develop and Improve our Industry’s Safety Culture.
  • Understand and Share Federal and State OSHA Requirements.
  • Ensure the Health & Safety of Your Employees and Customers.
  • Recognize our Members’ Exemplary Safety Procedures.

Safety Video Library:
Watch these Safety R.O.P.E.S. videos to learn more about the program and how important safety is in your company's overall core values.

Here's Jonathan Byrd, who is instrumental is creating and launching the PHCC of Georgia's Safety R.O.P.E.S. Program:

Introductory Safety R.O.P.E.S. Video with
Jonathan Byrd

Here's Jody Caron of MOCK Mechanical in Savannah with a story about how safety has changed his life, and how he lives everyday to keep others safe on the job, at home and in his community (enter passcode: PHCCGA21!)

Jody Caron of
MOCK Plumbing and Mechanical