Mission Statement 

The PHCC GA Code of Ethics & Integrity is intended to serve as a guide for the everyday professional conduct of the PHCC GA family of member companies & leadership.


 • Serve society thru the worthy contribution of installation & repair of plumbing, heating, cooling systems to promote health & comfort for our community.

•Comply with all construction & business related codes, regulations and laws that govern our profession.  Our work will be performed in conformity with federal, state, county & city building, safety, energy & water conservation, fire & housing codes; refusing to be a party to any action that violates these regulations.

• Create safe working conditions & a healthy work environment for all workers and consumers.

•Serve the public through the promotion of conservation of water & energy by accurate, safe, compliant installation & repair of energy efficient products. We will endeavor to reduce or eliminate wastes of all types, including water & energy, by implementing appropriate conservation measures in our facilities, in our installation & repair processes, & by recycling, re-using, or substituting materials.


 •Continually improve our industry efficiencies thru providing opportunities for education, knowledge, skills, information, ideas & best practices to help Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Contractors to reach their potential to serve consumers with excellence.

•Promote technological advances in the design, types & methods of installation & repair of plumbing-heating-cooling systems, always using equipment & materials complying with the recognized & required standards.


•Maintain the highest ethical standards of advertising, hiring, pricing, competition, selling, installation & service guided by the principles of honesty, integrity and fairness.

•Engage in the community to foster social, work force & economic development and to contribute to the sustainability of the community.

•Provide information & assistance services to consumers regarding plumbing-heating-cooling contractor companies; additionally, to those contractor companies the same assistance with supplier companies.

•Promote opportunities for economic development thru assisting with trade apprenticeship & education for those aspiring to join our industry.

•Foster trade, regulatory, & legislative collaboration to enhance the consumer experience thru improved industry standardization and sanitation.